The Briton blew his nose, broken eye socket and quit Smoking


Photo: BMJ Case Reports

A resident of London, broke the bones of the skull, much bismarkallee. About it writes Daily Mail.

36-year-old lady caught a cold, and in an attempt to unclog the nose put too much force. After her left eye began to hurt, swelled up and stopped to see the woman went to the doctors. Conducted computed tomography showed that she had a fracture of the orbit. This injury often occurs after a heavy blow in the face.

Under the assumption of doctors, one of the reasons was the Smoking, which changed the pressure in the sinuses. The publication notes that after treatment and discharge, the woman refused the habit, though he smoked 20 cigarettes a day.

8 may it was reported about the inhabitant of the American city of Omaha, which for several years had suffered from a cold, till I found out that all this time her nose was leaking cerebrospinal fluid. In 2013, she had an accident and received a head injury, hitting his face on the dashboard. All these years the doctors diagnosed the American Allergy.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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