The dog fell out of the plane, stuck in the middle of the desert and survived


Photo: @buscandoagaspar

In Chile the Dachshund fell out of the plane and six days wandering in the desert. This was reported by the newspaper The Mirror.

Two-year-old dog named Gaspar (Gaspar) flew to her mistress Kaviar Janis (Janis Cavieres) together with her friend from Santiago to Iquique. During the landing carrying with the animal fell on the floor and opened. The frightened dog ran away as soon as the airport staff began to unload the Luggage. As it turned out later, the dog disappeared in the Atacama desert.

Met a friend Cavier was shocked when she was given an empty carrier. The girl went to the rescue and issued a notice about the missing Gaspar in social networks. She wrote several times that the Dachshund seen in different places, but nobody has been able to catch her.

The airline and the local military unit has actively participated in search of Gaspar. In the end he was found six days later. The vet Bravo Paola (Paola Bravo), who examined the dog, said dog was very nervous and exhausted. A few days later the taxi came to himself and slowly began to gain weight.

The airline took responsibility for the incident and began an internal investigation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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