The head of “Mail of Russia” compared with the king


Nicholas Podgotovte: Vitaliy Belousov / RIA Novosti

The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko criticized the head of “Mail of Russia” and the former Deputy Minister of economic development Nikolay Podguzova, because he does not know how to earn his subordinates, in particular postmen. It is reported TASS with reference to the statement of the head of the upper house of Parliament.

“It’s a shame for the head [“Mail of Russia”], which did not have [the information]. That’s probably the postman to do,” said Matvienko.

She recalled that during the discussion of the bill on privatizing state-owned companies have Podguzova interested in salaries within the company. He argued that in the “Mail of Russia” no wages below the minimum wage (SMIC), namely 11.1 thousand rubles. However, according to Matvienko, people still get 6-8 thousand, which is a violation of Russian law.

Criticism Matvienko in the “Mail of Russia” has assured that all employees receive salaries in accordance with applicable law, and the salary below the minimum wage given to those employees who are not working full time. “All payments to employees are made in strict compliance with the labor legislation of the Russian Federation. Monthly gross income of postmen and operators of post offices was increased to the level of the minimum wage — 11 163 thousand rubles,” — says state-owned companies.

Podguzova in addition to criticism for lack of knowledge of salaries within your own company, Matvienko was dissatisfied with the “wrong PR” company. In her opinion, failed runs, costly drone due to low salaries of staff deserves criticism.

Unsuccessful experiment with your parcel delivery using drones was held in Buryatia in early April. The drone flew off and crashed into the wall. Later the company tried to distance itself from the failed launch, and the presence in the ceremony the head of the company Nikolay Podguzova tried to explain the invitation of local authorities. Podguzov he reacted to the drone down a week later. In late may, the government of Buryatia have conducted successful launches of drones — all parcels were delivered to customers, however, it was done without the participation of state-owned companies.

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