the iPhone survived the fall from the plane


Photo: Eduard Korniyenko / Reuters

iPhone dropped from a plane flying at an altitude of about 300 meters, and kept working. It is reported by the TV station WBIR.

The owner of the smartphone Carfinder Naberhaus (Sarvinder Naberhaus) made a flight on a vintage bi-plane as part of a tour American Barnstormers, taking off from the airport in Ames, Iowa (USA). She pulled out a device and stuck it out the window to take some photos, but a strong gust of wind snatched the iPhone from her hand.

Later Naberhaus used the app “Find my iPhone” on another device and found her phone lying in the street in the Eastern part of the city. She went to the area and tried to reproduce a lost smartphone beep, to find the iPhone on published noise. The woman never thought will be able to find your phone, but still heard the ringing. As it turned out, the phone was lying in the grass without damage and without a scratch and worked perfectly.

In June 2018 the author of the YouTube channel Man + River found at the bottom of the iPhone X, which stayed under water for two weeks. The blogger has published a video in which he pulls out a smartphone, tries to restore its function and returns to the owner.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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