The network has horrified mind escaped from a hospital ward bloody leeches



Imageboard user Reddit under the nickname PanicAtTheMetro published a photo of an employee of the hospital, posing against the background of the bloody track on the floor, which left the runaway leech.

The image shows how a worm crawled under the door of the chamber and moved down the hall. By the looks of it, a leech escaped immediately after the procedure. Nurse posing in front of the fugitive raised his thumb up and smiled.

However, some viewers were left horrified after seeing the pictures. Many of them did not even know that leeches are still used in medicine. “I didn’t know that doctors use them today. I am both intrigued and disgusted,” wrote one of the visitors imageboard. Another user described the situation as “bloody hell”.

There were also those who escape medical worm amused. “Dr. Leech is sent to the next patient,” joked one commenter.

Some users wondered about the future of leeches. They became interested, I will release her into the wild or will be forced to continue to work in the hospital.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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