The pilot had a smoke in the plane and robbed the passengers of oxygen


Photo: Ted S. Warren / AP

Airline pilot Air China began Smoking e-cigarette during the flight and by mistake turned off the air conditioning, which led to a sharp decline in the level of oxygen in the cabin. This reports the South China Morning Post.

The incident occurred on a passenger plane, EN route from Dalian, China to Hong Kong. According to the security officer Qiao Ibina, to smoke the co-pilot said nothing to the commander of the ship and accidentally left the air conditioning on to cigarette smoke did not get into the passenger compartment. The result was depressurization, and dropped oxygen masks.

After that, the airliner dropped to 3048 meters, but then again gained a stable altitude. Of the 153 passengers aboard the plane, no one was hurt.

Experts in aviation have questioned the pilots decision to continue the flight, despite a loss of oxygen levels. “It was foolhardy to continue the flight when the oxygen masks used. If there was a second depressurization of the cabin, the passengers would be left without oxygen,” explained the pilot of Cathay Pacific Airways David Newbury.

In June, the airliner Qantas, which was flying from Los Angeles to the Australian city of Melbourne, due to a sudden air of the funnel came in strong turbulence, and then began to fall into the Pacific ocean. The plane was in free fall for 10 seconds, but the pilots managed to stabilize the aircraft.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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