The Russian top-Manager staged a riot, hit a flight attendant and escaped prison


Alexey Circuitto: YourAIR

The Khimki town court of Moscow oblast found guilty of hooliganism on air transport and the infliction of beatings the Director of the project group of the Eurasian Fund for stabilization and development (EFSD) Alexei Cherekaev. On Friday, July 13, “the” has informed the senior assistant to Moscow inter-regional transport Prosecutor Ekaterina Korotkova.

According to investigators, on 8 October 2017 flying flight “Aeroflot” Moscow — new York passenger business class Cherekaev grossly violated public order.

“The man was behaving inappropriately with the beginning of the flight: he insulted crew members, stuck to the companions and cursed. The comments of the neighbors and the crew Cherekaev did not react. And at some point he unjustly hit him in the face the stewardess,” — said Korotkov.

According to her, the result Cherekaeva sentenced to imprisonment for one year conditionally with a trial period of one year and six months.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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