Trump and Putin immortalized in beer


Photo: Aku Harynen / Lehtikuva / East News

A Finnish brewery has released a limited collection of craft beer and coffee after meeting of presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump with their images on the label. This is stated on the website of the brewing company Rock Paper Scissors.

Reportedly, the brewery doesn’t want any of the international issues remained unresolved during the meeting. “Of course we do not offer this [beer] — as the main way of solving problems, but if the negotiations are in danger of deadlock, this is a guaranteed way to get out of the situation,” wrote Executive Director Samuel Huhtanen (Samuli Huuhtanen).

Lager released despite the fact that neither Putin nor trump do not like beer. Just made 10 thousand bottles of lager and 160 packs of coffee.

The meeting between the two leaders will be held in Finnish capital Helsinki on July 16.

In the UK, ahead of parliamentary elections in 2015 in one of the constituencies of the then conservative leader and Prime Minister David Cameron there was a beer called Co-ale-ition Beer (“Ko-El-Etienne beer”). On the label of the bottle of ale — a traditional English beer — in the arms of stood Cameron and his political opponent, leader of the liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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