Trump complained about the naughty Prime Minister


Donald trump and Teresa Matto: Ben Stansall / Pool via AP

Prime Minister Theresa may ignored the advice of the President of the United States regarding the Brexit scenario. DL this Donald trump said in an interview with the Sun.

“I would have done it differently. In fact, I told her what to do, but she couldn’t hear me,” said he.

In his opinion, proposed by the UK government soft option of withdrawal from the EU will destroy the plans of the agreement on trade between London and Washington. “If London go to such transaction, we likely will deal with the EU, not the United Kingdom that is likely to kill the agreement between us.

So trump has supported the position of the British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who left his post in disagreement with government policy on the issue of Brexit. “I really like it. I did not Bang their heads, but I think he would be a great Prime Minister. He has all that is needed,” said the President of the United States.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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