Trump found a lie in his own interview


Donald Trump Photo By: Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

The US President Donald trump has stated that it is not criticized, but praised the Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may in his interview to the newspaper the Sun. About it reports Reuters.

According to him, he talked about the fact that Mei is an extremely capable leader who knows how to stand his ground, but other interpretations of his words are lies. “This incredible woman right now is doing fantastic, great work,” he added.

The American leader pointed out that the statement is an interview in the newspaper as a whole was good, but didn’t get there amazing words about the British Prime Minister. “It’s something called “fake news”,” said trump.

Earlier in an interview with the US President complained that Mei ignored his advice regarding the Brexit scenario. He also said that the Prime Minister should take the former foreign Minister, Boris Johnson. After that, trump was accused of lack of manners.

The phrase fake news (“fake news”), literally meaning “fake news”, in November 2017, has been named word of the year. Frequency of usage this expression from 2016 to 2017 increased by 365 percent, which is associated with the statements of trump.

The problem is the fake news was widely publicized during the presidential elections in 2016 in the United States. According to the research company Ipsos, in these notes believe three quarters of Americans.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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