Ukraine counted 33 downed “enemy” drone


AAMS “s-300PS” Photo: “ukroboronservis”

Ukrainian airspace is safe since hours on duty is more than 2.5 thousand specialists in anti-aircraft missile troops of Air force of Ukraine, reports the newspaper “people’s Army”.

“For all the fighting in the Donbass [specialist anti-aircraft missile troops] destroyed 33 enemy drone, most of them expensive high-tech Russian UAV “Orlan-10″,” — writes the Central organ of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

It is noted that for military refurbished 70 percent of anti-aircraft missile systems s-300P. Also there is a program of deep modernization of the complexes “Buk-M1” for which Ukraine plans to start production of 9M38M1 missiles with improved performance.

One of the primary purposes of the device “sea Eagle-10” is to promote radio countermeasure. Three or four drones, capable of carrying six kilograms of load, managed from one “KAMAZ-5350”: one drone acting as a relay, whereas the rest are involved in creating the radio interference.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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