Croatian footballer was away with another provocative video


Mario Mandzukic and Injured, Videtto: Mr Song / RIA Novosti

The disciplinary Committee of the International football Federation (FIFA) will not punish Croat domagoj Vida for the second video with the words “Glory to Ukraine” and “burn, Belgrade”. This was written by the journalist “Bi-bi-si” Richard Conway in his Twitter account.

The analysis of the second roller, the Committee came to the conclusion that it was written before the decision was made on the first movie, where the Form says “Glory to Ukraine”. For this reason, FIFA see no reason to impose on the player additional sanctions.

All the gallery””I dressed like Ivan, you like it?””Continue Photo: Arseniy Neskhodimov 1/27

On 12 July Views publicly apologized for the entry. “I know I made a mistake. I did it unintentionally. Once again I would like to apologize to the Russian people,” he said.

July 8, the disciplinary Committee considered the first provocative video recorded after the victory of Croatia over Russia. Then the player was given a warning.

The final of the 2018 FIFA world Cup between Croatia and the France team will take place on 15 July. The match will take place at the stadium “Luzhniki” and will begin at 18:00 Moscow time.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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