French players wished to remain in Russia after the championship


Samuel Anticipato: Lee Smith / Reuters

French national team players Samuel Umtiti and Blaise Matuidi stated that they are pleased by the atmosphere in the team, so they would like to prolong it as much as possible and to stay in Russia. They told about it in interview to the French newspaper Le Figaro.

“I could live another month with everyone. We have fun and there is always something to do. It’s an extraordinary experience,” said Umtiti.

The partner team agreed that it would be good to hold on to the championship and with friends for a few months. “I participated in four tournaments, starting with Euro 2012, and that feel is best. We have a young, energetic team. There is a great spirit,” said Matuidi.

In the final match, which will be held July 15 at the Moscow stadium “Luzhniki”, the French will meet with the Croats.

All the gallery””I dressed like Ivan, you like it?””Continue Photo: Arseniy Neskhodimov 1/27

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