Named the best Comedy of the XXI century


The frame: the film “the Winners show”

The American magazine Rolling Stone made a list of the 50 best comedies of the twenty-first century. The first line was the band “Winners of the show” (Best in Show). Followed by the movie “In the loop” (In the Loop) and “Bachelorette party in Vegas” (Bridesmaids).

The top ten were also pictures of “half-brothers”, “Idiocracy”, “the Love knocking down”, “Toni Erdmann”, “Zombie named Sean”, “the Forty year old virgin” and “Life behind the scenes.”

On the last positions there were the films “Fantastic Mr. Fox”, “American psycho” (the film is considered a crime drama, Thriller — approx. “Of the”) and “Pretty words.”

In 2017, the same list of critics of the portal Collider. The list includes 35 films, including “bridesmaids” and “the Winners show”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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