American survived after falling off 60-foot cliff


Photo: Handout / Reuters

The girl was found alive a week after her car went off a 60-metre cliff. About it reports BBC News.

An American went by car from Portland to Los Angeles to his sister. She was driving on the coastal highway in California and turned sharply to avoid a collision with an animal, because of which the car flew off the road.

It was found by some hikers that noticed in the area of big sur crashed car. The American managed to survive due to the fact that she drank water from the radiator of his crashed car. The girl was found when she was conscious, but her injured shoulder.

As noted by the representative of police of the city of Monterey John Thornburg, the girl was lucky to be alive because in such cases people either break it, or it blows into the ocean.

In July three popular blogger killed in Canada, torn from the ledge on top of the waterfall.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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