Paraglider flying over head trump got


Photo: The Sun

Scottish police arrested a paraglider that flew over the entrance to the hotel resort Trump Turnberry, which at that time was the President of the United States Donald trump. It is reported by The Sun.

The incident occurred on Friday, July 13, at the time of arrival of the trump hotel. Approximately at the height of the roof of the building flew a man on a paraglider with a propeller. With aircraft hung the banner of Greenpeace, on which was written: “Trump: Well Below Par (eng. Trump: much below the required level)”. He had almost touched the heads of people at the entrance of the hotel, among whom was the American President.

At the time of flight of the glider on the roof snipers were on duty. According to the newspaper, the pilot was lucky that they did not react to his invasion.

According to police, the detainee 55. The inspector of the police detective Stephen McCulloch explained that paraglider has committed a criminal offence, violating a temporary no-fly zone. The representative of Greenpeace said that the police was informed about the flight ten minutes before the start.

July 12, trump arrived in the UK on a four-day visit. Meeting the US leader and the British Queen was held July 13 in Windsor castle. Within 45 minutes the President talked with Elizabeth II, which, according to him, they got along great. The American Chapter was accompanied by wife Melania.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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