Russia argued about the importance of vodka for tourism


Photo: Ivan Sekretarev / AP

The head of the Federal project “Sober Russia” Sultan Hamzaev did not want to recognize vodka as a national landmark. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

He noted that the rich history and culture of Russia “can be proud of and something to show to tourists — without cut-glass”. The head “Sober Russia” has proposed to create a tourist route which will not be associated with vodka.

“Held in Russia the world championship showed that the tourists and the fans absolutely calm to strong Russian alcohol. However, some Western officials are still trying to savor the topic “Russia — vodka — balalaika — bears”. Vodka — not culture, but a subcultural phenomenon in our country”, — he explained his position.

On 13 July, the Secretary-General of the world tourism organization to the UN Zurab Pololikashvili said that foreign tourists are attracted not only by the rich history of the country, but also traditional spirits.

“Today, for the tourist a very important story, and at the same time a very important food, no matter what. I think vodka is one of the main components of Russia, like my country — wine. When we were in Spain people come to visit, they are after the Prado Museum ask where a good restaurant wine to drink,” he told Pololikashvili at a press conference in Saint-Petersburg. He noted that it is necessary to actively use vodka to attract tourists to Russia.

On July 4, the Verkhovna Rada Deputy Oleh Barna was asked to fill Russia is alcohol and vodka for the growth of Ukraine’s economy. “To Ukraine has grown, we need to sell all Russia! Fill them with alcohol, vodka. This means that we replenish the budget , and they are industrially degraded, ” he said.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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