Russia was accused of dividing the American nation through social networks


The head of the U.S. DHS Kirsten Nilento: Oliver de Ros / AP

Secretary of homeland security (DHS) United States Kirsten Nielsen stated that Russia is trying to divide Americans through social networks. She told about it on Saturday, July 14, in Philadelphia at a meeting with officials responsible for conducting elections in the United States, according to CNN.

According to Nielsen, US intelligence has documented “persistent attempts of Russia to use social media, statements sympathetic persons and other approaches, to sow discord and cause disunity among Americans.” She added that it is not always connected with names of individual politicians or political campaigns.

Chapter DHS believes that there is no evidence of Russia’s decision to intervene in the midterm elections of 2018 at that level, as happened in 2016.

“Yesterday’s accusations against Russian intelligence officers show that we will not tolerate interference in our democratic processes and foreign intervention entails consequences,” commented Nielsen case on the charges of Russian military intelligence interference in the elections in 2016, which Moscow denies.

13 July, the U.S. filed charges in absentia of 12 Russian scouts on the case of intervention in elections of the us President in 2016. They are suspected of carrying out cyber-attacks to steal documents for publication

Video, photo All from Russia.


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