The largest newspaper in Finland, appealed to Putin and Trump


Vladimir Putin and Donald Truephoto: Evan Vucci / AP

The largest newspaper in Finland, Helsingin Sanomat published an open letter addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin and his us counterpart Donald Trump. The text in Finnish, English and Russian languages is published on the newspaper’s website.

“The upcoming summit naveivaet Finns memories of such meetings in years past. Often happened that the arrival of the first persons of the superpowers in Helsinki was marked by a tense atmosphere, but parted leaders with smiles on their faces. This phenomenon even has a name: “Spirit of Helsinki”,” — said in the message.

However, the authors Helsingin Sanomat, this time predicting the outcome of the meeting is a difficult task because of the rapid changes lately occurring in both countries. “Finland has long been concerned by developments in Russia. The impression that our neighbor chose a political course in which the power and prestige of the state are placed above democratic values and civil liberties,” said the authors of the paper. In this criticism of Finland “is not directed against Russia, but on the contrary, expressed its support”.

While Helsingin Sanomat saw the “new, sometimes unexpected similarities”, which appeared between the US and Russia lately. “One such similarity is the desire of the leaders of these countries to wishful thinking, sometimes the cost of the real facts” — believe in Helsinki.

Meeting in Helsinki on 16 July will be the first full-length meeting of the two presidents without reference to the summits. Year ago heads of state met for the first time in Hamburg on the sidelines of the G20, after — the Vietnam for the APEC summit. The initiative to hold the talks in late March, during a telephone conversation with Putin expressed his trump.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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