supported sanctions against Russia


Photo: Alex Maligawa / RIA Novosti

Reservation service suspended its operations in Crimea due to the sanctions. On it informs Agency “Kriminform”.

On 16 July, the travelers can no longer book accommodation on the Peninsula, to put the assessment and leave feedback. “No one sees the owners of the facilities including the guest and there is no way to write a review,” told in Facebook the owner of the hostel Sudak Natalia Kirichenko.

The woman also shared the official answer of service, which States that obliged to comply with trade sanctions by the EU (European Union) in respect of the Crimea, as the organization is based in the Netherlands. “Under the sanctions, companies are not allowed to offer any services directly related to tourism activities in Crimea. Although business travelers can continue to book accommodation in Crimea”, — stated in the message.

In may, the Federal tourism Agency received a letter from the Department of tourism and regional policy of the Ministry of culture with the request “to consider a proposal to ban activities on the territory of the Russian Federation”.

From the document followed that the Ministry wants to know the opinion of professional public associations on this issue. In particular, the restriction of the proposed booking through only Russian hotels.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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