British journalists admired the Russians ‘ love for dill and Lenin


Photo: Igor Zarembo / RIA Novosti

The British newspaper The Independent gathered the impressions of foreign journalists on trips to Russia. Reporters have marveled at the world Cup and was surprised at some of the peculiarities of the Russian mentality.

The generated list was 45 facts. Part one is devoted to the events in the matches of the world Cup, but most of it concerns Russian realities. Journalist ed Malina (Ed Malyon) was struck by the love of the public to dill. “It’s used, it seems, in any dish, without any forethought or concern. Dill, dill, dill, dill, dill on absolutely everything, dill, dill, dill, dill, dill”, — shared his impressions of the reporter.

Jonathan Lew (Jonathan Liew) drew attention to the widespread traces of the Soviet past: statues of Lenin in Russian cities and the body itself revolutionary in a special building on the red square. The reporter found that this means almost a romanticizing of the past, however, he asks, would Lenin himself of this after his death.

Journalists not very much water in Russia — like water (tastes like blood), and bottled (gives the sewer). Obvious problems, the reporter called the language barrier and the service, especially taxi, which “has two speeds: tube and hundred miles per hour.”

All the journalists were delighted with the hospitality and generosity of the Russians. One of the correspondents was amazed that the apartment owners, who he stopped in Volgograd, offered to take him to the airport at five in the morning. However, they are not required to pay for it — they just wanted to please him. Prominent characteristics of the reporters called the beauty of Moscow metro and the complexity of the Russian language.

Some phenomena seem strange to foreign journalists. For example, the obsession with games of the national team. Russians accounted for a significant portion of the crowd at almost every game, filling the neighborhood with their singing of “ROS-SI-ya!”, which always started after 10 minutes. The reporters were struck by the bright reaction to any behavior of players on the field — even if during the game there were no dangerous moments. They also surprised the excitement of the commentators during the games the Russian team.

“Russia is bigger than you think”, — concluded in the final of the journalists. According to them, this journey “brave boys” left a lot of impressions.

Previously a journalist with the Guardian Sean Walker (Shaun Walker) admitted that the media was too categorical, painting a negative image of Russia before the start of the world Cup.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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