Called the pedophile diver decided to sue Elon musk


Vern Antwortet:

British diver Vern Unsworth thinking about filing a lawsuit against the American entrepreneur Elon musk, who called him a pedophile. This writes Sky News.

According to Unsworth, who participated in the operation to rescue children from a flooded cave in Thailand, he had not seen the tweets with insults from the businessman only heard of them. At the same time on the question of appeal to the court he said, “If that’s what I’m thinking, then Yes.”

Man of the year is ordinarily resident in Thailand, and a final decision on the issue is going to take when you return to the UK in the near future. He noted that the incident with the Musk has not been exhausted. The diver added that he was surprised and angry after the sharp response of the entrepreneur, especially with words that are not supported by any evidence.

Earlier it was reported that Musk bluntly said Unsworth, criticized his plan to rescue the children from the flooded caves in Thailand. The diver said that the idea about the mini-submarine is a PR move and advised to “put this sub somewhere deeper”. In response, the businessman in his Twitter called the opponent a pedophile, said he had not seen him at the scene of the incident, and wyzwolenie children Thai Marines “really cool”. He later deleted his tweet.

Netizens said that he was disappointed in the owner. According to them, to call others pedophiles without reason — is disgusting.

A group of 12 students and their football coach went into the cave after a workout on June 23. First inside was dry but soon it began to rain, and the entrance was flooded. All missing persons found alive ten days after the disappearance. They were sitting in one of the caves four kilometers from the entrance. The rescue operation lasted until 10 July, when brought to the surface past the stuck students and a coach.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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