Disclosed the details of the work to replace the su-57


Photo: Vladimir Sergeev / RIA Novosti

Separate on-Board systems for future Russian combat aircraft of the sixth generation are being tested on the su-57, TASS reported a source in the aviation industry.

“Unmanned variant of the su-57 to create not planned. But it is now being tested separate systems of military aircraft of the next, sixth generation, which will be in the basic version of the drone and only optionally manned,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

The source explained that it is about “control systems and navigation, the weapon system”.

In July 2018, Business Insider wrote that Russia, having refused the serial production of the su-57, is virtually admitted defeat in the possibility of creating a fifth generation fighter.

In July 2018, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Yuri Borisov said that, as “su-35 is now considered one of the best aircraft in the world” that “makes no sense to speed up the work for the mass production of fifth generation aircraft”. Development work on the su-57 should be completed in 2019, the same is expected to begin deliveries to the troops, it is planned that the initial batch will comprise 12 cars.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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