Discovered an unusual planetary system with the “Nesvetay”


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An international team of astronomers have discovered an unusual planetary system CoRoT-20, which is a brown dwarf and a gas giant with elongated orbits. Brown dwarfs resemble stars, but the fusion reaction in their small bowels and stopped relatively quickly. About it reported in a press release on

The star CoRoT-20, remote from the Earth at four thousand light years away, belongs to the spectral class G2V, the Sun is a yellow dwarf. In 2011, astronomers found the planet orbiting the parent star in an elongated short-period orbit. CoRoT-20b is a gas giant and refers to the “hot Jupiter” located at a distance from the sun equal to 0.09 astronomical units (one and.e. equal to the distance from the sun to the Earth). For comparison: mercury is removed from the Sun of 0.3 to 0.46.e. A year on CoRoT-20b lasts 9.24 day.

Astronomers have discovered that, in addition to the gas giant, the star rotates around another object — a brown dwarf CoRoT-20c, intermediate between gas giants and stars. Its mass is comparable with mass of 17 Jupiter, and the distance to the parent star is 2.9.e. The orbital period of CoRoT-20c is equal to 4.59 earth year.

According to the researchers, CoRoT-20 is the first system in which around a star refers to as a hot Jupiter and brown dwarf. Scientists believe that both objects interact with each other and elongated orbit of a gas giant, probably due to the presence of CoRoT-20c.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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