In the UK after 30 years imprisoned teacher-rapist


James ХазбандWest Sussex County Times

A former teacher of a boarding school Chris’s Hospital in the British County of West Sussex, was sentenced to 17 years in prison for a sex crime committed 30 years ago. Reported West Sussex County Times.

68-year-old James Husband was sentenced to 12.5 years for rape in 1990, 14-year-old student and another four and a half years for five sexual harassment cases.

As reports the New York Post, before the rape, the man told his victim that passed the procedure of vasectomy and cannot have children.

Husband taught in school history, and, as it became known to the court, chose the victim because she was “very mannered and vulnerable.” The victim subsequently developed anorexia, suicidal and self-destructive.

The investigation it became known that the girl asked for help to the school priest Gary Dobby, who also joined her in sexual intercourse without her consent. He was charged with molesting eight young at the age of 12 years. The sentence has not yet ruled.

According to police, the girl “showed great courage” by contacting the police until years later in 2016.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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