Indonesians killed 292 crocodile and took revenge for the death of a friend


Photo: Sangkulirang Police

Residents of the Indonesian city of Sorong (West Papua province) killed all the crocodiles on a local farm, to avenge the death of each one of the teeth of reptiles. This publication reports The Jakarta Post.

On Friday, July 13, 31-year-old factory worker for the production of tofu Sugito collected grass for the cattle on the territory of a crocodile farm when he was attacked by a reptile. Local residents heard his screams, but when they ran to him does not help, the man was already dead.

Saturday Sugito buried, and after his friends went to the crocodile farm, where they killed all 292 of its inhabitants: from babies to six-foot reptile. The men were armed with knives, axes and clubs. “They caught them, dragged ashore and beaten to death. It was creepy to look at,” said a local resident.

The head of the Agency on preservation of wildlife of the province of West Papua Bazaar Manullang Basar (Basar Manullang) expressed their disapproval of the incident. “The mass killing of crocodiles breaking the law on the inviolability of private property. Crocodiles — God created creatures that need protection too”, he said.

It is noted that the Farm contained one of the residents of Sorong with the permission of the authorities.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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