Interior Minister of Ukraine called the condition the “liberation” of Donbass


Arsen Ajacoutot: Gleb Garanich / Reuters

The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov said about red lines in the “de-occupation” of Donbass. Article of the Minister published in the online edition “Ukrainian truth”.

Red lines the Minister called the fundamental provisions of the compromise which is impossible in Ukraine. According to Avakov, cannot be the subject of discussion the change of government in Ukraine. “It is impossible to raise the question of the transition to a Federal system. The Constitution clearly States that “Ukraine is a unitary state. The territory of Ukraine within its present border is indivisible and inviolable”,” — writes the Ukrainian Minister.

The second red line, which, according to Avakov, is not ready to move on Ukraine is the issue of border control. It should control only the Ukrainian border guards. International peacekeepers can act only observers and guarantors against possible provocations.

The Minister writes that the inhabitants of the unrecognized republics of Donbas are citizens of Ukraine who “are within the jurisdiction of the Ukrainian justice and subject to the laws of Ukraine”. On this basis, Avakov denies the right to Amnesty those who have committed serious crimes, are guilty of murder of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians, and also organized the seizure of power.

The Minister rejects any possibility of the restoration of Ukrainian control over the Donbas in exchange for recognition of Crimea as part of Russia. Also, the Ukrainian Minister refuses to discuss the strategic aspirations of Ukraine to join the EU and NATO.

The head of the interior Ministry called open questions about the special status of non-government-controlled areas of Donbas, temporary or permanent status of the Russian language and the payment of debts on social payments, which the official Kiev does not pay in 2014.

According to Avakov, these conditions allow us to determine “the extent of a possible compromise on contentious issues and the readiness of the society this compromise to understand, discuss and make a decision.”

Arsen Avakov is not the first time voiced its strategy of “de-occupation” of Donbass. In April this year, the head of the Ukrainian interior Ministry unveiled its plan for “small steps” which is the gradual return of control of her uncontrollable Ukraine territories of Donbass.

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