Named ways of getting rid of fear of flying


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Aerofoam gave advice on how to get rid of fear of flying. They described Independent journalist Zoe Galloway, who visited the course Flying with Confedence (“Fly with confidence”).

First, she recommended to know how to construct airplanes. “One of the main reasons why people are afraid to fly, the lack of knowledge about how aircraft stay in the air”, — said the girl.

Galloway also advised to trust the pilots. “It is difficult to understand how someone can get pleasure from a flight, when you are captured by fear. But pilots are really passionate about their work and undergo a rigorous selection process and a two-year training program, before you get into the place,” added the traveller.

In addition, it is suggested to focus on your breathing and try different exercises that help to control thought. For example, to put pressure on the spot between thumb and forefinger, since this point is associated with anxiety and depression it will help you not to panic.

In conclusion, the girl told about turbulence, quoting the words of the commander of the aircraft British Airways Steve Arita: “the Turbulence caused by natural conditions and completely safe, because the aircraft is constructed in such a manner that will withstand even the strongest shaking. If you wear a seat belt, you are in complete safety.”

In may, the commander of the aircraft Boeing-787 Dave Ince told what to do to passengers to survive when the plane begins to fall. According to him, we must always be prepared for the crash, to listen to the advice of flight attendants and remember the path to the nearest emergency exit in the cabin.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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