Sharks in five minutes attacked two people


Photo: WJXT

In the U.S. city of Fernandina beach, Florida, five minutes there were two shark attacks on people. This publication reports the Washington Post.

The shark bit a 30-year-old Dustin Theobald (Theobald, Dustin) as he lay in shallow water where the depth does not exceed half a meter. “I felt like something grabbed my leg and pulled,” says the man. He felt a large predatory fish that clung to his foot. “When I did, she pulled a couple of times and then released him and swam away,” says the man.

Theobald headed for shore, stumbling and hopping on one foot. “He barely managed to get out of the water, — says an eyewitness. He went rescue from the tower, and began to bandage and bandaged”. Shark teeth left on the foot of the victim two wounds with a length of ten centimeters. The man fears that could be damaged tendon.

The second attack occurred five minutes at a distance of three miles from this place. A shark attacked a 17-year-old boy and bit his leg. He was given medical assistance.

According to the Theobald, length attacked him fish ranged from 120 to 150 centimeters. He believes that it was a blacktip shark or whiskered nurse sharks. Both species tend to avoid humans and generally pose no threat to humans.

Sharks very rarely attack humans in the area of Fernandina beach. Over 135 years of observations in and around the city recorded only six such incidents.

On 10 July it was reported that the whiskered nurse sharks have bitten aspiring model who decided to swim with predatory fish in the Bahamas. At the hospital, the wound bandaged, but she decided not to risk it and the next day flew to Florida.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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