The author of “the last white team” at the world Cup explained


Daria, Allowatt: page Darya Aslamova in Facebook

The journalist of the edition “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Darya Aslamova has responded to accusations that her column about the world Cup final soccer contains racist remarks. About it reports “Says Moscow”.

The author of the article “How Africa has won the Europe, or a holiday with tears on eyes” was written about the fact that her friends, the members of the opposition of the French party “national front”, was rooting for Croatia, as it was “the last white team in the championship”.

In response to numerous allegations Aslamova said that in France there is “racism against whites”, referring to the opinion of their friends. In addition, the reporter once again emphasized that the remarks about “white” and “black” contained in the story belong to her friends-the French.

Material “As Africa has won the Europe, or a holiday with tears on eyes” authorship Aslamova was published the night of July 16.

In the article, the author talked about the “OTHER” France, which is celebrating. “Our values – of Christianity, devotion to the Motherland, European tradition. Where do the Africans and the Arabs?” quoting it to their friends. The journalist was actively expressed sympathy for the immigrants from the “former white French provinces, long since occupied by migrants, where it is easier to meet a woman in a burka with a brood of children, than a white woman.”

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