The British wanted the legalization of marijuana


Costas Baltas / Reuters

The majority of British citizens supported the legalization of marijuana, revealed a survey conducted by the research organisation BMG Research for the newspaper The Independent.

All were interviewed 1.5 thousand people. To the question “do you Support the legalization of cannabis, if its sale and consumption will be legislatively regulated?” answered Yes, 51 percent of respondents. 22 of them said that they fully support this initiative, and 29 “more support than not.”

Strongly against decriminalization were 19 percent, 14 percent said that can not give a definite answer.

The legalization also the leader of the Conservative party and former Minister of foreign Affairs William Hague. In his opinion, permit the use of marijuana will be beneficial to the economy and society as a whole. The chief of police of the city of Durham stated that the current system for controlling use and distribution of the drug is not working. “Drugs are cheaper, heavier, more accessible and more dangerous, he said. In recent years I have come to the conclusion that this market must [legally] to regulate”.

In the summer of 2017, the Deputy from the labour party Paul Flynn has urged the British people to smoke marijuana in the building of the British Parliament to “challenge the collective thinking of the government.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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