The CNN journalist burst into an angry tirade about Putin due to his lateness


Photo: Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

The journalist of the American TV channel CNN Kaitlan Collins (Kaitlan Collins) responded to the late President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the American leader Donald trump in Helsinki. Their comments to the President she posted on Twitter.

Collins noticed that Putin’s plane even landed, when the US President was preparing for the meeting with her words, at this time, the tramp, accompanied by the first lady left the hotel. “Vladimir Putin is notorious that keeps people waiting — still not landed in Helsinki. He should formally welcome the President of the trump … in 17 minutes,” said Collins.

The journalist was supported by his colleague from the news Agency Bloomberg Jennifer Jacobs (Jennifer Jacobs). She pointed out that the American President is in the capital of Finland for 16 hours, while Vladimir Putin has just arrived in Helsinki.

“His country is under economic sanctions. Attributed to poisoning in a foreign land. Interference in American elections and so on. However, he makes the leader of the free world to wait more than 40 minutes,” wrote Collins.

However, later it turned out that Putin arrived at the presidential Palace before the head of the American state. “Putin arrived. Now we see how long trump makes him wait. Reporters who travel with the President, say they are in the way,” she wrote in a few minutes after officially scheduled time of the meeting. The message about the arrival of Donald trump she published after 20 minutes.

Negotiations of leaders of Russia and the United States tete-a-tete took place in Helsinki on July 16 and lasted more than two hours.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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