The interior Ministry refused to report bad news at the time of the 2018 world Cup


Photo: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

Since the start of the world Cup at 19 regional sites of the Ministry of interior was published only 13 negative news, according to “7×7”. This is 100 times less than the previous month.

The writer analyzed the 19 regional sites, and the Ministry of internal Affairs calculated that in the period from 15 may to 14 June they were published 1377 news about robberies, robberies, thefts, fraud, murder and drugs. From 15 June to 15 July, 13 regional offices of the Ministry brought the publication of such news to zero. Another four were limited to one or two negative notes. The press service of the departments of the interior Ministry in Komi Republic and Kirov region for the month wrote a four news about the detection of crime and the apprehension of suspects.

According to “7×7”, in most regions, the “bad” news no longer appear on the websites of 7 June, a week before the start of the world Cup. The police prefer to report on the lectures at schools and universities, conferences and visits to detention centres for migrants.

In mid-June, the press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs across Krasnodar territory, it was recognized that in connection with the “special order” all regions will publish only good news. The press service did not specify whether that was due to host the world Cup in Russia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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