The Russians had to fork out 400 thousand euros because of Putin


Photo: @david_datuna

A portrait of Vladimir Putin “the all-seeing.”, written by American artist David Datong, sold to an unknown Russian businessman for 400 thousand euros. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of Datone.

“I haven’t been in Russia for 20 years. Everything is very changed. And it’s not just stadiums, parks, streets, people. In St. Petersburg during SPIEF I ordered a portrait of Vladimir Putin, as I see it now. During this visit I saw him thus — “all-seeing”. His presence was felt almost everywhere. This feeling I tried to Express in their work”, — transfers words of the artist’s press-service.

Datong added that he dedicated the painting “all-seeing V.” the meeting of Putin and U.S. President Donald trump in Helsinki. “I suggest the two presidents to look better than each other in the eye and I hope it is really something that can change the world for the better”, — he said.

David Datong — American artist of Georgian origin, art collector and author of several installations. Among them, “Putin — Mona Lisa” and “Vodianova — love of millions”.

In July, a Russian brand of luxury phones and smartphones, Caviar has dedicated the new hull design of the legendary Nokia 3310 to the meeting of Putin and trump in Finland. Exclusive push button model called the Peacemakers (“Peacekeepers”).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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