Trump called why the worst relations with Russia in history


Photos: Jack Taylor / Reuters

The US President Donald trump called the cause of the worst in the history of relations with Russia. He said this in his Twitter.

“Our relations with Russia have never been worse thanks to years of stupidity and the folly of [the previous administrations], and the witch hunt” — he wrote.

The American leader has repeatedly called the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller on “Russia’s intervention in the American elections in 2016” — “witch hunt”.

Allegations about the alleged Moscow’s intervention in the elections, in particular, contained in the published in January, declassified part of the report, which was prepared by the CIA, FBI and NSA. It said that Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to organize a campaign to discredit the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and win trump. Moscow denies all these charges.

On July 16 Vladimir Putin and Donald trump will meet in Helsinki. This will be the first full meeting of the two presidents without reference to the summits. Year ago heads of state met for the first time in Hamburg on the sidelines of the G20, after — the Vietnam for the APEC summit. The initiative to hold the talks in late March, during a telephone conversation with Putin expressed his trump.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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