American journalist angered Putin a question about the “bombing” of Florida


Photo: Alexei Nikolsky / RIA Novosti

Russian President Vladimir Putin was three times accused of negligence American journalist who asked him about “bombing” of the state of Florida in the presentation of the latest Russian weapons. Transcript of Putin’s interview with the Fox News channel, this after meeting with U.S. President Donald trump in Helsinki, published on the Kremlin website on Tuesday, July 17.

Moderator Chris Wallace asked the Russian leader about the missile complex “Sarmat”, which was presented on March 1 during Putin’s message to the Federal Assembly. An American journalist suggested that the presentation was a provocation.

“You introduced a new generation of Russian missiles, what you called invincible missile that can bypass our entire missile defense, and even showed a video that showed how this supermaket flying over the United States and down to Florida. Where is the house of Mr. trump,” said the journalist.

Putin corrected Wallace, saying that the video was not appropriate guidance, however, the presenter continued to insist on. First, he claimed that he saw the words “Florida” and after Putin corrected him a second time, said that “you could see on the map.”

“That’s not true. Look again and more closely. There was written “Florida”. It was clear that [the missile] flies to the other side of the ball,” said the President of Russia. Finally, for the third time he advised Wallace “to look carefully, not to frighten their populations with threats that don’t exist” and went on to answer the question about the missile systems.

On March 1, after the message to the Federal Assembly of the Russian netizens have noticed that in the video, showing the capabilities of the missile system, the purpose of the missiles was the American state of Florida. The next day the US state Department has called the irresponsible behavior of the animation film, which was modeled impact of Russia in the USA

“Sarmat” — the advanced strategic missile system with a heavy Intercontinental ballistic missile. It will replace the Soviet complex R-36M2 “Voivod”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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