American was in a cocoon of bees and almost died


Frame: The Sun / YouTube

In California a lady was attacked by bees and was covered with it from head to toe. According to the news portal, Fox News, 50-year-old woman is in intensive care in critical condition.

Insects attacked the girl when she got out of the car to get something out of the trunk. Because of the thick bushes she had not noticed the beehive. Witnesses of incident called rescuers.

Bee so fiercely attacked his victims that rescuers had to disregard Protocol and rush to your aid without protective suits: a moment of delay could cost her her life. According to doctors, she was bitten more than 200 times. Around the woman were so many insects that some of them stayed there and upon arrival to the hospital.

The head of the fire brigade Bommarito Tony (Tony Bommarito) stated that they never encountered such a serious case: “she was surrounded by bees literally from head to toes. Face was not visible behind them. Because such a large number of venomous bites she faced serious consequences.”

Several firefighters were bitten by bees, two of them hospitalized. A hive of aggressive insects were removed from the streets of the city. According to the son of American women, doctors expect that she will survive.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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