Beautiful handwriting helped the tramp to return home after 16 years


Frame: Pear / YouTube

A resident of China for 16 years has lived on the street and was able to return home. This was reported edition of South China Morning Post.

Chen FEI (Chen Fei) from huangmei County, Hubei province, was one of the first inhabitants of their village who received a higher education. He graduated from the Classical Central China normal University 30 years ago and got a job as a librarian. Then quit and moved to another city, breaking off contacts with relatives. He called them only once in 2008 after six years of silence and explained that located in Dongguan, Guangdong province, and then hung up.

The family was not able to find it and was believed dead until the end of may volunteer Zhang Jiva (Zhang Zhiwei), helping the homeless, did not pay attention to an unusually beautiful handwriting of one of the wards: “His handwriting was neat and beautiful, he could even write in English.” The volunteer helped the man to reunite with family, connecting to search for the relatives of police officers.

In the end they managed to find, and the brother of a lost Chinese Chen Min (Chen Ming) came for him and took him to the family. He said that the reunion went well: “Brother was very happy to be back home. He was even humming to herself a happy tune this morning.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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