Children will be left homeless


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The Association of Russian banks (ARB) proposed to change the procedure of mortgage refinancing, taken the money of the parent capital, says family-owned Demyan Kudryavtsev, the newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to the letter of the Association addressed to the Minister of Finance and first Deputy Prime Minister Anton Siluanov. To simplify the process it is proposed to postpone the registration of apartments on children.

In his letter to the ARB again describes the issue, which was first announced a week ago. According to current rules, if the family refinances the mortgage loan taken for the funds of the parent capital at a lower rate, it must apply to the guardianship. There will be given permission to give the apartment under pledge to the Bank, because the share of it belongs to the child. Issue of accommodation it is required by law, and this is done at the time of use of the parent capital.

Thus, the apartment is derived from encumbrances on the initial loan and then again laid on the new. But if the first time to notify the guardianship is not necessary, and secondly it is necessary. ARB calls this imperfection of the law and refers to the practice whereby guardianship authorities often deny permission to give shelter secured. They believe that it will worsen the material situation of children. And while we don’t always understand that we are not talking about a new loan, but about refinancing the old one.

Banks are also not ready to give credit to the new conditions. If it is not returned, and the apartment will have to recover, you may experience difficulties with the guardianship. As a result, parents are forced to abandon the refinancing and to pay the loan at a higher initial rate, which does not meet market conditions.

ARB offers two solutions, the simplest of them — to postpone the registration of apartments on children until full repayment of the loan. Formally, such a rule now, but often misunderstood. The guardianship believe that housing is necessary, after payment of the initial credit, not just debt in General.

The second option is to save borrowers from having to apply to the guardianship. The collateral for the refinanced loan in this case will be issued automatically. The proposal described in the draft amendments to the law on mortgage. The document submitted to the Ministry of Finance and the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

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