Elections of the head of the Federation of bobsleigh Russia compared with thieves shodnyak


Alexander Subcostata: Nina zotina / RIA Novosti

Alexander Zubkov was re-elected President of the Federation of bobsleigh Russia (FBI) for four years after his rivals withdrew candidacy from the election in protest. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

Oleg Sokolov and Anatoly Pegov has declared the illegitimacy of the elections and refused to participate in them due to numerous violations. “We do not want to participate in the elections, which are held with violations. Because any man whose rights have been violated can bring a claim. We want to withdraw their candidacy,” — said Sokolov.

Member of the Presidium of the FBI Nikolai Kulikov told about the attitude to the elections. “This is not a meeting but a gathering. Only in the thieves ‘ world issues are resolved in this way. And in the social organization should follow procedures. No audit, no report. How to choose the President if he did not report about his work?” — he spoke in interview Sports.ru.

In November 2017 Zubkov was convicted of violating anti-doping rules at the Olympic games in 2014 and disqualified for life. He was also stripped of the two gold medals of the Games in Sochi.

Later, the court of arbitration for Sport (CAS) dismissed the appeal Zubkov and 11 athletes, but replaced them a lifetime suspension on the ban on participation in Games 2018 in Pyeongchang.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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