Found ancient bread ice age


Photo: Arranz-Otaegui / PNAS

Scientists at Copenhagen University found the charred remnants of prehistoric bread on an archaeological site in Jordan. The age of the finds is more than 14 thousand years, which makes it the oldest known historical evidence of the existence of baking. It used to be that people began to bake bread in the development of agriculture, which came later. About it reported in a press release on Science Alert.

Food debris found in the sediments in the Parking lot Subika 1 (Shubayqa 1), where archaeologists discovered an oval stone structure with a stove in the center. It was built by people belonging to Naturistas culture that existed on the territory of the Levant is about 12,5-9,5 thousand years BC.

According to scientists, people have learned to bake bread, at least four thousand years before the advent of agriculture. It is possible that the production of bread have prompted hunter-gatherers to grow crops and this has caused the agricultural revolution in the Neolithic period.

The researchers also found traces of the wild ancestors of these crops, such as barley, wheat and oats odnoselchanka. Charred food residues were analyzed using electron microscopy at University College London. It is shown that seeds were milled, sieved and mixed in before cooking. Received food was very reminiscent of unleavened bread, found in Europe and Turkey in areas related to the Neolithic and Roman era.

The last ice age — a period marked by global cooling and expansion of glaciers, which began about 110 thousand years ago and ended about nine thousand years ago. It is sometimes called the last glacial period, which, however, is not quite true, since the duration of glacial periods covers several million years.

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