“Harmless” cyst deprived the canadian half of the face


Photo: Sylvain Pharand page in Facebook

A canadian with a “harmless” cyst on face lost her nose, cheek and eyes, and almost died. This was reported by the newspaper The Sun.

Sylvain Farand (Sylvain Pharand) from Montreal went to the doctor because of breathing problems in 2008. “My left nostril was a cyst, which prevented me from breathing. I thought she was harmless, but it turned out to be cancer. When I said live I have six months, I was at first in despair, and then decided to fight,” said the man.

He was diagnosed with cancer of the paranasal sinuses and lymph nodes. He had to overcome one tumor that was formed as the other, causing his face was covered with scars because of the constant operations. However, ten years later, he beat the disease, though it cost him the loss of half her face. After 125 treatments of radiotherapy and brachytherapy week the tests showed that the body of men remained cancer cells.

Because of the surgeries to remove the tumors on the man’s face left many holes. The doctor filled their skin dentures and put the Farand dental implants so he can eat. Canadian rarely leaves home, because severe facial prosthesis often comes unstuck, which puts him in an awkward position. He is looking forward to making a new prosthesis, which will remain on the glue and magnets.

Also 55-year-old Farand saving money for a trip with family to Hawaii. During treatment, the doctors forbade him to travel and he wants to celebrate recovery at your leisure on the beach.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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