Model feed the baby right on the podium


Photo: Backgrid / Legion-Media

The model appeared on the catwalk, breast-feeding five-month-old baby, in a show of bathing suits in Florida, USA. This reports the Metro.

Mara Martin was one of 16 women selected to participate in the show by Sports Illustrated magazine. She showed a gold bikini, which was removed from one shoulder to feed his daughter Aria. On the girl’s head was blue headphones to protect her from the loud noises and music.

“All my friends know that this was my dream. I can’t believe my daughter appeared in the headlines, and I show what I do every day,” — commented on his release Martin and added that he hoped to accustom the public to the sight of nursing mothers.

The show was held on Sunday, July 15. It opened 23-year-old snowboarder Brenna, Huckaby with a prosthesis. The athlete lost his right leg eight years ago due to osteosarcoma.

In may, a resident of the UK invented the t-shirt, which allowed mothers to experience less discomfort during breast-feeding in public places. According to her, a new thing has been so successful that she decided to share the idea with all nursing mothers and run their own business for the production of such clothes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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