MPs decided not to protect mentally disabled children from the tyranny of the boarding schools


Photo: Maria Sibiryakova / RIA Novosti

State Duma deputies removed from the draft law on guarantees for disabled citizens, the provision on guardianship of the mentally retarded children by the extended family and NGOs, reports “Kommersant”.

Thus, the juvenile will remain in charge of the management of boarding schools, closed from external control.

Amendments to the bill introduced at the session of temporary working group of the Committee on family matters, despite the fact that the previous edition is already supported in the government, the Federation Council, the Council on human rights, the Russian Orthodox Church.

“Our volunteers see in orphanages that one person no points, although they really need, the other is not taught to read, although could, a third had the surgery, which is vitally important for him — explained the need for an external guardianship lawyer at Department for Church charity Natalia Starinov. — We can’t work with medical documents living in the orphanage, the person can not verify how the state provides it, can’t see the individual program of rehabilitation of the disabled”.

According to the newspaper, an opponent of the innovations is state-legal Department of the President of Russia, as it violated was the right of children to full-fledged device in the family. Currently, the law requires a guardian to live together with the child. The changes also will allow it if you wish to place a ward in the institution.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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