Named unexpected the reason for the rapid destruction of the Internet


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A critical part of the Internet infrastructure of the United States could be flooded and damaged in the next 15 years because of rising sea levels. This is stated in a new study of American scientists from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

“The immediate risk to the global Internet is the fact that the transoceanic fiber optic cables have landing pads that will be under water in the coming years due to flooding of sea water associated with climate change,” said one of the authors of the report Professor computer science Paul Barford (Paul Barford) in an interview with Motherboard.

Examining the global map of the physical infrastructure of the Internet and comparing it with the estimates of the National oceanic and atmospheric administration about the rise in sea level, scientists were able to determine where the most dangerous equipment. According to the researchers, it is located in new York, Miami, and Seattle.

Barford said that rising sea levels will cause global disruptions, while the landing site will not be moved to higher ground. However, such sites are not many, so fixing the problem will take too much effort and funds.

One of the most disturbing findings, the researchers called a short period of time, which can be damaged main line. Only in the United States in the next 15 years will go under the water 1.9 thousand kilometers of trunk and 3.9 thousand kilometers of underground fiber optic cables. And even though they are water-resistant, these cables are not completely waterproof. Exposure to salt water can cause failures in the network, especially in the infrastructure centers in the United States.

The researchers propose to reduce the threat of disruptions by installing backup hard piping, and protecting the existing cables and the landing pad protective layers. “The fact is that a large part of the Internet infrastructure that has already been deployed, does not account for the effects of climate change. In the future the entire infrastructure needs to consider these consequences,” said Barford.

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