Putin answered the question about the change of attitudes


Vladimir Putinto: Ramil Sitdikov / RIA Novosti

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that since his first election to this office his Outlook has not changed. So he answered a reporter’s question the Fox News channel about what happened after 2000, when the Russian leader was represented as a democratic reformer. Transcript of Putin’s interview published on the Kremlin website on Tuesday, July 17.

“First, I have changed nothing, what I was, and remained so. I became President of the Russian Federation, as an adult, as you know, and at this age, preferences, attitudes never change,” he said.

The President pointed out the source, not Moscow organized a military coup in Ukraine, and it prompted NATO to expand to the East in violation of the agreements. “So with me, nothing happened. What happened to you, I would like to know” — concluded the Russian leader.

During the interview that the President gave after meeting with his us counterpart Donald trump, Putin rebuked three times in the inattention of an American journalist. He asked the President about the “bombing” of the state of Florida in the presentation of the latest Russian weapons.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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