“Russian Falcon 9” will leave with “the King engine”


Photo: Dmitry Lebedev / Kommersant

Creating in Russia a rocket middle class “Soyuz-5” will receive the “King engine”, reports RIA Novosti news Agency the words of the General Director “Rosatom” Dmitry Rogozin.

“The first stage engine RD-171 (was used in the first stage of Soviet Central rocket “Zenit” — approx. “Of the tape.ru”) for the new rocket “Soyuz-5” will be upgraded and then will have new and unique characteristics. This is the most powerful engine in the world, we call it the “King engine”,” — said the official.

According to him, for test launches of “Soyuz-5” is proposed to use the complex “Land start” (used for “Zenith”) at Baikonur. If the media will show “their benefits, including commercial and will fight on the field of inning market of space services, a backlog that was created, use the most to create the universal rocket module for the creation of the carrier rocket heavy class”.

“In General, we do our best to reasonably save money,” — said Rogozin. According to him, “Soyuz-5” from Baikonur will display only commercial and scientific pressures, but not military.

Acting first Deputy General Director of state Corporation Nikolai Sevastyanov said that RKK Energia and Roskosmos signed the contract on creation of the rocket “Soyuz-5” in the framework of development work “Phoenix”, included in the Federal space program.

June 28, Rogozin said that the draft project “Soyuz-5” with the RD-171 is revised, and the new missile is capable to methane engines. In April 2017 official, as Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian government, said that “three months” the Cabinet of Ministers will consider the draft alternative media with a methane engine.

The developer of the “Soyuz-5” — RSC Energia, the manufacturer of the RCC “Progress”. The first launch vehicle scheduled to be held in 2022 from the Baikonur cosmodrome. “Soyuz-5” which is a modernized version of the Soviet rocket “Zenit”, announced as a competitor to the Falcon 9 SpaceX American company. The cost of the launch of the new missile is estimated at $ 30 million. Earlier in the “Soyuz-5” planned start developing manned spacecraft “Federation”.

“Soyuz-5” represents the average two-stage rocket. Launch mass media about 530 tons length 61,87 meters, a diameter of 4.1 meters, the first stage engine — РД171МВ, the second stage engine — РД0124МС. Fuel components: oxidant — liquid oxygen fuel — naphthyl. Weight output payload into low earth orbit from the Baikonur cosmodrome about 18 tons.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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