Stolen in Mexico with radioactive iridium anonymously handed back


Photo: Fernando Carranza / Reuters

In the Mexican capital Mexico city discovered a dangerous radioactive substance is stolen a week ago. It is reported by Business Standard.

A container of iridium-192 was one of the cars parked in the city. As noted, he was found after an anonymous call: unknown called the company that stole the stuff, and reported on his whereabouts. As it turned out, the container was not opened, therefore not a danger to others presented. After this, the authorities canceled the alert, which operated from the time of the theft on July 8 in the city and neighboring States.

Iridium-192 belongs to the company responsible for the radiography. According to the Daily Express, the canister was stolen from the car of an employee. It is noted that the substance is dangerous for people in case of direct contact, especially within a few hours.

In Mexico in 2013, there were 12 cases of theft of radioactive materials. According to TASS, no major incidents after this did not happen: most criminals just thought that the materials can be profitably sold.

In may it was reported that employees of the State University Idaho in USA have lost the part they are on the storage of plutonium used in the creation of weapons. It was reported that he was sent for burial, but the record is about where it was removed from the databases.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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