The extreme right did not get to the gay pride parade and complained of discrimination


Photo: Omer Messinger / ZumaPress /

The youth wing of the German far-right party “Alternative for Germany” (ADH) complained to the organizers of the gay parade in Berlin. This happened after members of the Department are not allowed to participate in the event, The Local reports.

The organizers of the annual Christopher Street Day procession rejected the application of the youth wing. They referred to the fact that “people and organizations that create an atmosphere of fear and isolation [separate groups], such as “Alternative for Germany” will not be allowed to participate”.

The application was filed by the Chairman of the Berlin branch of the youth wing of ADG David Eckert. He said that advocates on behalf of LGBT people who hold conservative views and oppose mass immigration. “Not all gays go in leather clothes, moderncat with handbag at the ready, and paint my nails” he said, noting that 12 percent of gay voters support far-right party.

Eckert added that the ADG opposes the arrival of illegal immigrants, most of whom are Muslims living under Sharia law and are migrating from countries where gay rights are infringed. The Local also notes that one of the leaders of the party Alice Videl openly declares its orientation is same-sex marriage.

24 September in the German elections to the Bundestag, where ADG is the first time in its history passed in the Parliament, gaining about 13 percent of the vote and took third place. The majority of votes from the CDU/CSU — 32,9, in the second place social Democrats, they have 20.5 percent of the vote.

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