The Jaguar escaped from the cage and began to kill animals


Photo: Bruno Kelly / Reuters

Nine inhabitants of the Audubon zoo in New Orleans, Louisiana, died after from its enclosure escaped Jaguar. It is reported by ABC7.

The ninth victim was a Fox Rusty (Rusty), who died on Monday, July 16, as a result of injuries.

The fugitive, being outside the cage for a short period of time, managed to kill four alpacas, one EMU and one Fox. Later died one Alpaca and Fox.

Jaguar was quickly captured and placed in the house night after his condition checked by vets. As a result of the incident no one was hurt. How the animal managed to escape into the wild, is unclear. At this point in the investigation it is established that this is no fault of the caretaker.

The Park also said that the deceased alpacas was the last representative of a kind of living in Audubon zoo.

In June, one of the zoo visitors in the American city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, filmed the moment in which the tiger, being behind a glass enclosure, trying to attack people. Apparently, the animal saw them and tried to overcome the barrier, but couldn’t.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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